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In-garage delivery bundle

Protect your valuable online purchases with the in-garage delivery bundle and a smartphone app

The smartphone-enabled bundle can open any home's garage and allows homeowners to immediately see and speak to approaching visitors from anywhere. It is an ideal solution for securing packages when shoppers aren't home on work days.
The bundle consists of one Xlive video doorbell and one Xlive garage controller. With them, you will be able to answer the door and open the garage with your smartphone or tablet so that the delivery man can help you deposit the package inside and store the fresh groceries that you shopped online to your in-garage refrigerator. Thus, your package will be safe from any possibility of getting lost or getting damaged by rain and other extreme weather conditions because you'll know when it arrives, and the delivery will always be completed on the first attempt. Plus, it's convenient for you to let a guest or contractor in without using a key or key code, and watch over your home 24/7 with the live feed and motion-activated cloud video recording features. The optional video recording and cloud storage service require a membership subscription at $2.38/month/camera, no contract required.



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