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VIP Plan

A Membership That Never Lets You Miss a Moment

The Xlive and Instaview video doorbells and garage door controller require a subscription if you choose to record videos to a cloud storage account for later review, no contract, pay as you need it. you can choose one of our 2 plans.

$14.5/6 months - $2.42/month

$28.5/12 months - $2.38/month

Of course if you only need one month service or prefer to go month by month, call us!

Subscription privileges:

1. The doorbells record a 30-seconds long footage of your front door or garage view to your cloud storage account whenever motion is detected or whenever your doorbell is pressed and stores the footage there for up to 30 days(30 days rolling). If you did not check your alert message on time, then you can review the recorded footage later.

2. Those videos are your property. You can download and share them with other people at your convenience.

3. You can start and end the subscription anytime, you just pay for the time period when you need the service; no contract is required. The subscription is optional.

If you decide not to record and store your videos in the cloud, the doorbell and garage controller still work normally for you,but without video recording. You will receive mobile push notifications, see and speak to visitors through your smartphone or tablet, live view the front yard and operate the garage door anytime, anywhere. 

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