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For Xlive doorbell

App: Xlivepro(iOS), Xlive video doorbell(Android)

Please call 1-847-899-1628 or send a message for any help

New users can set up connection between the doorbell and your iPhone or iPad by using the 1-touch setup in app, and your Android devices just download the app and log into it. The setup procedure in the iOS app is simpler. Using Android devices to set up the connection still follows the steps in the User's Manual.

Please be sure to let your phone be closer to the doorbell during setup

When the first time your setup with Android phone fails, please reset the doorbell and force stop the app under phone's "Settings".  The detailed procedures on how to reset the doorbell and stop the app are in the following contents.

If you'd like tosubscribe to our in-app VIP cloud video recording service, we suggest you uses Android phones or tablets, using iOS devices will cost 30% more, because Apple will charge 30% of your payment than an Android Google Play does, or submit a ticket on this website to request a different payment method like Paypal in case your family only has iOS devices.

Mobile alerts(on iOS devices) : you can choose "Always" in the "Show Preview"  under "Notifications" settings for Xlive app in your phone's "Settings" menu, so the alert will be either Motion alert or Doorbell Pushing alert.

iOS software version 13 and later may cause the video history screen of the app dark, you can switch the display mode to  "light" on your phone's "Display& brightness screen under main menu "Settings".

There is a MicroUSB port on the back of Xlive pro. It is reserved for connecting to a garage controller only. Please DO NOT insert your own MicroUSB charging cable into the port. This will damage the device!

The Android app was updated due to Google Play version upgrade recently , please uninstall the old Android app and download the new "Xlive video doorbell" app from Google Play store onto your Android phone. If the "Xlive" hotspot is not on your phone's Wi-Fi list under your "Settings" menu, then your doorbell needs to be reset by pressing and hold the top portion of the rubber oval shape button on the right of the wire connections for at least 8 seconds until it starts to talk, check the Wi-Fi list again to make sure "Xlive" appears on the list, if not, repeat the reset, and then add the doorbell to your account(by tapping the "+" sign on the top bar of the app screen). 11/4/2021

1. How do I submit a ticket for technical support?

Submit questions by clicking on the green "Help" pop-up on the corner of the page if the FAQs does not cover the issues your doorbell has. Include the smartphone model, iOS or Android OS version, and carrier (AT&T, Verizon, ...) in your description. Thank you for your patience.

2. How do I download the app?

You can use a QR code scanner to scan the QR code on the packaging to download the app. Alternatively, search "Xlive" in the App Store or in Google Play. Below are the download links:

iOS app download link on App Store:

Android app download link on Google play:

3. How do I perform a pre-installation check?
   A. Doorbell Chime
       Mechanical chime.
   B. Wi-Fi Router
      With an option: 2.4 GHz B/G/N
   C. Power(Transformer)
      12-24VAC 30VA
Before you set up the doorbell, switch your smartphone's Wi-Fi to 2.4 Ghz band. After successfully setting it up, your phone can connect to either 2.4G or 5G band (suppose your router has both).

4. How do I reset the doorbell?

If you encounter any issues (for example, you did not hear "Xlive is ready for setup" or "Xlive is ready for use" during the registration process), you can reset the doorbell and restart the registration. 

With power applied, press and hold the oval black button's upper part on the back of the doorbell for 6 seconds. Xlive will reset. When you hear "Xlive is ready for setup, please ..." and see "Xlive" hotspot on the Wi-Fi screen, then that means the reset was successful.

If this does not work, then disconnect the wires from the doorbell, wait for 30 seconds, and reconnect the wires. Alternatively, unplug the two wires you plugged into the white power kit (at the green corner) on the chime, wait 1 minute, and then plug them back in. Both ways will power off the doorbell. If you see "Xlive" is on the "Wi-Fi" screen of your smartphone after resetting, follow the user's manual to finish the setup. Otherwise, please continue to reset the doorbell. 

Some users might not be able to load a successful live view on their smartphones after registering an account. This could be the result of rushing through the setup procedure; the doorbell has not completely set up everything for you in the cloud server. In this situation, you have to reset the doorbell and then log into your account using your email and password you registered with before. Once logged in, add the doorbell to your account by tapping the "+" sign on the top left corner of the app.

When should I reboot the doorbell?

If you already installed the doorbell and one day the chime stopped ringing or responding, unplug the two wires you plugged into the white power kit (at the green corner) on the chime, wait 1 minute, and then plug them back in. This procedure will restart the doorbell. After this, test the doorbell in the app. Additionally, you can reboot the doorbell by pressing the rewind arrow at the top right corner of the app on "Details" screen. 

We suggest you upgrade to the latest firmware from the app and download the latest app from the App Store or Google Play whenever they are available.

We are streamlining the setup process. The above issues will be resolved within the next few firmware releases. Thank you for your patience.

5. I already registered an account in the app. Do I need to register an account again after resetting the doorbell?


The account you've registered is on the cloud server and is ready to store your recorded video. If you reset your doorbell later and try to re-setup the doorbell, you can still enter the email and password that you entered during your first-time sign-up and select "Sign in". Once signed in, add the new doorbell to your account (+ sign). There is no need to register a new account.

6. Why does the doorbell show that it was already connected?
The doorbell was tested in factories before being shipped. You must reset the doorbell to erase the test information and then register your device to set up a new account.

7. I can't find the Xlive hotspot on my phone's Wi-Fi screen.
If "Xlive" does not show up on the Wi-Fi screen, then reset the doorbell. The reason for it not showing up is because the doorbell was tested in factories. Note: please check if your smartphone is connected to the 2.4 GHz broadband option of your router.

8. How to stop Xlive app on a smartphone or tablet?

If your live-view does not load well, you can try to stop Xlive app completely (make it stop running) then re-launch it.

On iOS devices, double-click the Home button and slide Xlive app toward the top edge of the phone screen, it will disappear, then you go find Xlive app and re-launch it. If your device does not have a home button, you can go to "Settings" screen, find Xlive app and figure out the way to force it to stop( or search the internet to find out how to stop an app on your phone model).

On Android device, go to "Settings" screen-->App-->Xlive--> force stop, or search the internet to find out how to stop an app on your phone model.

9. How do I enable sounds and notifications?
Go to the Settings menu on your smartphone and enable the microphone, speaker, cellular data and notifications, and sounds for Xlivepro (Xlive video doorbell, Android) app. 

10. How do I live-view the front door?
Tap the "Live View" button on the app control panel.

11. How do I exit the "Live View" screen?
Use the back button on your smartphone or press the red phone icon on the app screen.

12. When should I adjust motion sensitivity?
You can adjust motion sensitivity in the app according to the wind speed in your area. If you frequently receive the push notification when winds are strong, then lower motion sensitivity in the motion alert settings. You will not miss any doorbell rings by adjusting motion sensitivity or switching off the motion alert. Make sure you did not switch off the motion alert if you want this function. A recording will begin upon motion detection, whether or not someone rang your doorbell. 

13. Where is the installation video?

Please familiarize yourself with the installation guide video.

14. How do I turn off notifications?

Go to the Settings menu on your phone to switch off notifications for Xlivepro (Xlive video doorbell, Android) app or switch off motion alert in the app.

15. Why don't I receive motion detection notifications every time someone rings my doorbell?

When motion is detected, Xlive will start to record video and send notifications to the user. Per design, there is no notification for pressing the doorbell button at this moment. You can live-view the front door. After live-viewing, someone pressing the button will trigger the notification again.

16. I don't hear a ring from my doorbell after pressing its button and still receive notifications. What do I do?

If your chime stops ringing, unplug one of the two wires you plugged into the power kit (on the green corner) which connected with the chime for 20 seconds and then re-plug it in. Press the doorbell button and do a live view to test it.

17. When doing the Xlive setup, I think I entered my router password correctly, but I didn't hear "Wi-Fi connected, Xlive is now ready for use". Why?

When typing your username or password on iPhones and on some Android phones, the phone will display recommended words. If you select that word, a space character will be automatically added to the end. Xlive thinks the added space character is a part of your username or password. Please double-check and remove it if you cannot log in. We will auto-trim the space in the next app update.

18. How do I set up and control the smart light bulb?

1. Insert the smart bulb lightly but firmly into the socket. Please note that the socket should be near the front door. The connection between the light bulb and the socket is Bluetooth based, so the distance between them must be 15-20 feet.
2. Restore power. Once the bulb is in, turn the power back on and switch on the light.
3. From app control panel, customize the bulb by selecting Details | Lights | turn on/off the light and change its colors

19. Do you have an example picture for wiring the power kit?

Below is an example picture. For more details, please refer to the user manual of "Power kit installation guide".

There is no specific order for connecting the 2 red wires to the 2 screws, and there is no specific order for connecting the 2 black wires to the 2 holes on the white power kit box.

20. How do I power up the Xlive garage door controller with a wall power adapter?

 21. My doorbell was working fine, but now I don't see the blue light on and can't hear it ring. Can I reboot the device?

If you are experiencing malfunctions, you do not need to unmount the device and press the hard reset button on the back. Instead, press the reboot button (Rewind arrow) located on the top-right corner of the "Details" screen in the app. The reboot button causes Xlive to reboot its firmware. It is similar to restarting your computer. Rebooting does not change the software and firmware. Reboots can fix minor malfunctioning like the indoor chime not ringing and the blue light not lighting up when someone presses the doorbell button.

 Xlive doorbell restart button

22. How do I enable notifications?

How to enable notifications and permissions on iOS and Android devices:

iOS devices:

 Android devices:

23. How do I share the doorbell with my family members?

There are two approaches to sharing the device with your family:
1. Use the same username and password for all family members. Log in all devices using the same account.
2. Share the device with different usernames. Tap the "Me" (person) button on the top-right corner and add ("+") the family member's new username and password. Afterward, family members can use the new account to log in their device.

24. What is the VIP plan? Is my credit card safe on your cloud?

The VIP plan refers to the video cloud recording and playback service. After the trial period expires, you can choose to pay $2.38/month (billed annually) or $2.42/month (billed half-yearly) for the cloud recording service.

We do not process credit cards or store your card information on our server. The credit card payment is handled by Stripe (Stripe.com), which is a leading payment gateway in the US.Your card information is safe in Stripe. Xlive app just calls the Stripe API to pass the payment processing task to Stripe, this method greatly simplified our work and secured your personal information.

25. How do I mount the Xlive smart button on my garage wall?

The button's touch point can be positioned on the top or the left/right part of the push bar so that you can still put your finger on the push bar to close/open the garage door as you usually do when you are at home.

26. How to add the doorbell back to my app if I deleted it?

If you accidentally deleted your doorbell from your account's "Device Management", you have to reset the doorbell and add it back to your account by tapping the "+" sign on the top of the "Devices" screen. Please contact us if your VIP period needs to be recovered.

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